The tail end of the statement… interesting reading it through two years later.

Going on two years of living on my own in the city, my family ties have strengthened. All the time spent at home during grade school is gone in a flash and I cherish the sense of close-knit community values my family and I have with our small town. I was fortunate enough to be involved in a variety of local organizations that promote youth involvement, arts recognition, and public interaction. In essence, all of these components of my community have prepared me for the dive into a vast collective of people. Individual origins can be challenged when engaging with a contrasting environment. To embrace those around you will diminish partisanship and generate an equitable civilization. During my residency in the city, I have had the free will to explore outside of my own locality, and in doing this gives me perspective on how positive observation will arise to be effective in how we shape ourselves. 

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