Treat Yo’ Self: Professional Facials 101

Treat yourself, young lady. You deserve it.

I am careful about what I put on my skin. I don’t normally cake a ton of makeup on for everyday wear, because it sinks into your pores and makes your natural skin less gorgeous. The only time I would wear heavy contouring makeup was when I was performing and extravagant stage makeup was the norm.

My experience with skincare is like the average girl. I know what kind of skin I have and try to negotiate with it each morning. I plead with the mirror that there won’t be an awkward zit in an obvious place and that winter won’t dry my T zone out. I have had spa nights with the girls when I was a teenager and we experimented with different natural remedies: masks, peels and scrubs.

Skoah, Vancouver based skincare brand moved over to Washington State and were giving out free deal for first time facial goers. #FirstSkoahFacial (Thanks Twitter) popped up and decided to give it a try.

 I discussed the nature of my skin with the esthetician and she decided on a Power Facial which entailed a skin training course on toning, treating, exfoliating, and hydrating.
  • Toner: Turno Tonik serves as a multipurpose hydration, pH balancer and oil controller
  • Exfoliation: Aha Mask was used to exfoliate and remove all dead skin cells for brighter looking skin. And, it tingled my skin and smelled like peppermint! Seriously, I could have drifted off at that point.
  • Treatment: For a few small random blemishes, she used the Kick It Kream, which acts like a spot treatment for any of those little pests.

Like any training regiment, I was provided a nifty little list of skin checkpoints, or facial workouts. What I realized, my basic drug store brand exfoliant was actually doing detrimental things to my skin. Instead of apricot shell scrub, it’s made of walnut shells, which actually speeds the aging process! What?! So, I will now be using that for my feet, since our soles are tougher than our soft facial skin. Check out a few cleansing remedies to usher in this intense summer. It’s hot hot hot here, so take extra care not to get too oily or sunburnt!

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