Tony Moly “I’M REAL” Mask Review


Hello! As many of you know, or those who have read this blog, I’m now a Vegas local. My boyfriend and I have been living in the desert now for approximately five months…Whaaaat? Time has flown and my skin definitely felt the change in climate…
So, I switched up my skin care routine ever so gradually. I increased frequency of hand and facial moisturizing, since those are the driest parts.  Long story short, the Nevada tap water is a moisture succubus. I always apply fragrance free Vitamin E lotion or Josie Maran’s argan oil after washing.

Tony Moly mask sheets are a godsend! If your skin still feels crusty in the T-zone area, like mine does, try one of these once a week. You will seriously feel refreshed and your face will love the treat.
The “I’m Real” Lemon Brightening Mask is perfect to do in the morning, after a shower when your about to get ready and have some “me” time.  Its ingredients are majority water, fruit extract, and essential oils, sans harsh chemicals from mainstream products. It’s scented lightly of lemon citrus, so while it is relaxing, it leaves you feeling awake and rested. Try them all!
You can purchase these little sheets for super cheap at Urban Outfitters, Ulta, Sephora and their website

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