NWA Road Trip

I just returned from my annual holiday trip to my hometown of Whidbey Island and Seattle. Back to Vegas for work and then head out to the California coast the next. Ha! Adam and I literally drove out after I got off work and made it to Huntington Beach (Hotel, le Mother!) at 11pm. We stopped at Downtown Disney for a drink obviously before we climbed into bed… Why the hell are we out here? Wrestling and beaches!

The next day would be packed with the highly anticipated coastal drive I’ve always dreamed of. And since I’m the ride-along to this once notorious, now rebranded wrestling group called the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) we took the entire Pacific Coast Highway the whole way.


9 x $5 Avocados at a local farm stand!

From Seal Beach, Venice, Malibu, and finally to Oxnard (near Ventura) we made it to the wrestling taping. The NWA and Championship Wrestling of Hollywood had a lengthy card of matches with the finale being between title belt holder: Tim Storm (The Perfect Storm) and the psychotic guru Jocephus. Let me tell you, I was not expecting ladders to come out. I was not expecting flips, moon salts, BLOOD or even women wrestlers! And they delivered it all. So, bravo for the athleticism, the storytelling and the mission.


Another fanny pack to the collection.

We made our first long form video blog with our phones, so here goes nothing! We hope you enjoy and there will be many more to come! Adam will be at the next Hollywood one coming up in January. On another wrestling note: We also be covering the road to Wrestlemania by recapping as many RAWs and Smackdown Lives as we can muster. We will be attending Elimination Chamber that will be in Las Vegas come February… AND Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans.


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