Elimination Chamber: a fan’s perspective

Wrestling comes back to Vegas

What a day, what a day. Wrestling came back to Las Vegas… the last time we saw the WWE live was when RAW came to town about a year ago. We LOVED Bayley. Bayley was on a high with her personality soaring and we all adored her. Even in the cheap seats behind the jumbo-tron. And who could ever forget the Festival of Friendship… what a time.

Now, it looks like Sasha Banks and Bayley’s friendship is crumbling and Chris Jericho is about to embark on a voyage to the Bahamas, marrying couples and jamming with fans  on his Rockin’ Wrestling Rager at Sea: The Jericho Cruise. What?!

Brought to you by Vegas locals: tailgate smarter

And so we’re back at the T-Mobile arena and this time I tailgated a little smarter. Ladies, I beg of you.. quit the bottomless mimosas. Anything that’s bottomless or all you can eat, all you can drink is a recipe for disaster. You’re basically flipping the bird to your body. And it’s going to flip YOU off later on.

So, friends I began the day with a healthy breakfast. A good base. I’ve been plant-based for nearly two months now for health and spiritual reasons. If this sparks interest, you can read more about my road to raw food in another post. Adam and I first parked at Mandalay Bay and walked through all of the hokey casinos on the south end: Luxor, Excalibur and NYNY. Alllllll the way down to The Linq Promenade (maybe a mile) to post up at one of our favorite places the ameriCAN Beer & Cocktails. Super simple setup, big games like jenga, connect four and beer pong tables. They only serve drinks, but LOOPHOLE… you can bring in food from anywhere. I went to Jaburritos Sushi Burritos next door for Adam and I, since they offer a vegan one.  Sounds weird, but delicious. I highly recommend this area of The Strip, because you can get several options of beers and there’s multiple food options.

We surely end up at Margaritaville to turn it up a notch. They have a Perfect Margarita that’ll kill you. Three different tequilas, lime, and sour… it is rough. So, this time I opted for the non mind eraser and just went with a house margarita. It’s Jimmy Buffet’s bar… any margarita will be just fine.

Elimination Chamber: Women’s Chamber, Ronda Rousey Signs & Roman Reigns Doesn’t Shock Anyone

Since you tailgated all of today, hey! Why not only spend $9 on only one shitty arena beer? Yay! That way you score more merch. Alright, so the Elimination Chamber was very well booked in order this time. After watching the Royal Rumble, we weren’t too sure. The Women’s division kicked it off their own Chamber match. Alexa Bliss defends her title against Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley. I predicted Bliss taking the title about half way through. There’s no way they would book Bliss to lose her Championship before WrestleMania. Though the last two in the ring were Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, which I could see being defended at WrestleMania. It’s either going to be Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka and Bayley vs. Sasha… or I don’t know. Comment below if you have any predictions!

Ronda Rousey shows her face but still no ring action quite yet. She signs her WWE contract and there are rumblings of who she will face as her first opponent (spoiler alert, it’s going to be a tag team with Kurt Angle to face Stephanie McMahon and Triple H) AT WRESTLEMANIA! I am getting so excited to go to our first ever WrestleMania and it’s in New Orleans.

Men’s Elimination Chamber was definitely unfortunate. If I have to see another Roman Reigns win… X_X But, I have to agree with Sam Roberts (of the Sam Roberts podcast), the future of this business is definitely with at least Elias and/or Braun Strowman. Those two can carry a physical and intense promo that keeps your eyes glued to the ring. They can talk the talkl, they can perform and grab the audience. It should be an easy decision. My two cents I would like to continue to see Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles excel as they are and I could possibly see one of those two as the “top dog” if you will.

So, wrestling fans. We’re counting down the days until WrestleMania, which is fast approaching.

UPDATE: The match EVERYONE is looking forward to: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles is now going to possibly be tainted with John Cena in a triple threat match. *rolls eyes* DELETE DELETE DELETE!

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