New Orleans On the Eve of WrestleMania

Hello, hello, hello! I’m alive and well again. Bourbon Street got Adam and I REAL sick when we got back. I think it was a factor of packing really light jackets and it was raining the night before WrestleMania. My mom even told me: “prepare for anything!” in terms of weather. Could be the humid south or a storm could hit… who knows. Weather wasn’t on either of our minds AT ALL. We’re in New Orleans, a new city for the both of us AND IT’S FREAKIN’ WrestleMania weekend! So, we filmed a ton of content for everyone to watch and enjoy, we talked to fans, consumed many great beverages, food and the energy was WOKEN… Let’s go back to the Road to WrestleMania… Here we come New Orleans.

3:00 AM Alarm

We packed one bag. Yes, you heard me. A lady with many clothes, packed ONE duffle bag for the both of us, for three nights. GENIUS! So, with no carry-on luggage to charge to Spirit Airlines, we splurged for a little more leg room in first class. We were probably the only people still up on the flight when we departed at 6AM and immediately bought a few drinks. THEN I quickly passed out until we were landing in New Orleans. EEEEK!

New Orleans time is around noon, we checked in to a VERY busy hotel on St. Charles Street a short walk to the French Quarter and on the street car line. These front desk ladies cracked me up, they look exhausted and said that not only are there thousands of wrestling fans in town, there are bachelorette parties, fraternity organizations and weddings. Guys, when I hear this, I slip them a $20. We give back, they give back. And later we check into a room with a balcony. Boom! The Thank You Economy at play. And on to our first meal…

Felix’s Oyster House

By the way, I left the plant-based diet at home because I wanted to try a lot of different things while being here… later to find out my body did not like that one bit. But, I’m alive and happy I tried it all.

I’m no stranger to oysters, being from the Pacific Northwest, but goddamn… these were oysters on steroids.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 5.36.39 PM.pngPhoto Credit: Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

For an appetizer we ordered spicy buffalo oysters and the shell itself was heavy! Like the size of my fist! They were obviously delicious, plenty of lemon juice to go around and a bit of blue cheese crumbles to complete it. For a main I had a salad and added fried shrimp, Adam had his first of many Po’ Boys, this one being crawfish. But, the real star of this first meal are the Bloody Marys. Chalked full of horseradish, I think that’s my new favorite way to make a bloody. Our table had Lousiana hot sauce, a basket of saltine crackers (my weakness) and a beaker of horseradish… wtf? I was wondering why there was just a small pitcher of horseradish chilling on our table, that’s why, horsey Bloody Marys. Now that we’re fed it is time to survey Bourbon Street before our scheduled engagement at the House of Blues. Three for one beers at the Bourbon Cowboy. Vegas, you got nothing on New Orleans

Something To Wrestle With at House of Blues


And we’re off to the first and only event of the evening, Something to Wrestle With. Got some walkin’ beers cause that’s a thing here. From Vegas to New Orleans, what a life. There was a line around the block! And it was 97% dudes, of course I’m not surprised. Waiting is half the fun because we get to use this time to feel out the fans for the first time. Oh yeah, BY THE WAY… Pat Patterson just walks by us and walks in the front door with all of us. What?! This guy didn’t have a secret entrance or anything? So, spoiler alert Pat Patterson was one of the guests in the show. He even came out and sang What a Wonderful World and what a rendition he did. Bravo! What a treat this gentlemen is and I only know him from Adam showing me the WWE’s Legends House. But, Adam would say if it wasn’t for Pat Patterson, there would be no wrestling as we know it. So, I guess he is pretty important.


Line out the door!

Anyway, we’re inside and it’s packed, very different from our first Something to Wrestle With at the House of Blues in Vegas. So, as usual we sidled up to the bar and grabbed a few beers and mingled with the bartenders. I couldn’t tell you the amount of content and history these guys, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson produce, but it is A LOT. I’m here mostly for the impressions that go along with the stories. It’s humorous and we’ve had a few drinks. Other very important guests to grace the stage are Jeff Jerrett, JBL, Shane Helms and Eric Bischoff. And Pat Patterson ended the show with a beautiful rendition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way, which gets me a little teary eyed. It’s either that or the free ghost pepper tequila shot our barkeep friend offered us.

Bourbon Street

Drink it in MAAAAAAN. With a quick shower and freshen up, we did exactly that and walked the whole street and mingled with as many fans as we came across. With our fanny pack (dootdootdoot!) packed with our camera, cash and IDs, here we go.


the world famous hand grenade

This is where it gets a little foggy… right after the hand grenades at Tropical Isle. My Aunt Karen specifically told me to watch out for these everclear bombs. So, with that this was the first of many, just kidding, but not really… we did have a lot other beverages. I believe I switched to Red Bull vodka along the way so I could stay awake for this night out (remember our flight was at 6AM) so, if you saw our video I was AMPED halfway through the night when we stopped for pizza. This was one of the best times I have ever while we were here besides the tailgate the next day. So many fun fans from all over the world that we got to talk to and hangout with that night. We met two guys from LA that night and we hangout together, went to various bars with live music and a piano bar of course! When your with us, you know we’re going to find a piano bar. Along the way we lost them, it happens, when your all out having fun and going in different directions. We wandered into almost every other bar just to check out the scene. And of course we had to mingle on one of the many balconies that these French Quarter buildings seem to all have. We met guys from the UK, I stole some beads, a couple of local guys from the college nearby came out. Literally, people from anywhere and everywhere out on this one street.

Around 11pm-midnight we made the decision to call it a night, so we could be alive and energized for the ALL DAY event of ‘Mania the next day. We ended up at Acme Oyster House, which we tried to go to earlier in the day, but like our cabbie said “lines and lines and lines out the door”. We made it in just in time to rehab with a bloody mary and order some Po’ Boys to take back to the hotel.

Whew! Goodnight, I’ll be back with much, much more on the next day… which is the world famous WrestleMania 34 in NewOrleans at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. Stay tuned!


Our balcony spot nestled in St. Charles Ave, just off the main drag of Canal Street.


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