Bourbon Street & ‘Mania Tailgate

Well, damn I don’t know how anyone got any sleep the night before WrestleMania. The streets were woopin’ and hollaring all night! Nevertheless, we woke up just in time for Adam to recover and he went off to his second Something To Wrestle With live show, excuse me Something to Waffle With (they had brunch and it was BYOB) THAT part sounded great to me. But, I had my own plans to wander around the city in the spare hours we had before the day long event of WrestleMania 34.

Cafe du Monde

I stayed on the main drag of Canal Street and wandered all the way down to Cafe Du Monde on the waterfront to try my first beignet and some quality French roast. Holy shit. What a warm, sweet, piece of fried dough that was.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.21.10 PM

Probably one of THE things New Orleans is famous for besides, the music, more food and Jazz, this would be it. They come in an order of three, so I saved the rest for later, and it looked like I just fell in a pile of cocaine. These things are covered in powder sugar, and most of my outfit was black. This bag of sugar was freaking everywhere! Sugar all over me, my bag, I couldn’t help but laugh.

French Quarter Exploring

The rest of the time, I wandered around the French Quarter and just admired all of the buildings that have stood the test of weather and time. This city is 300 years old… What?! It is one of the oldest and most European-esque cities in the USA, all of these architectural buildings are what make New Orleans the destination that it is. Just walking around the neighborhood and admiring the folks who wander out to their terrace patio, to lounge in their hammock. I just gaped at them. What a life. Here are few of my favorite buildings and streets I came across.


The French Market: Hot Sauce library


I’ll take the terrace with the cute umbrellas


Our little shady terrace outside of our hotel room off of Canal Street on St. Charles.


The view down the block… you could literally talk to your neighbors from across the street.


Residencies or guest rooms upstairs of a boutique hotel.


This would be our place, the one with so much greenery. Plants, plants and more plants.


All I could ever want, a French door access to a balcony.


One of the many boutique hotel options all over the French Quarter’

Something To Waffle With

Eventually I met up with Adam, he had interviewed several gentlemen at the show and we got a picture together with the Something To Waffle (Wrestle) With guys: Conrad Thompson and Bruce Prichard.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.34.22 PM

Adam didn’t partake in the brunch part of Something To Waffle With, since he is a curmudgeon and hates waffles. So, we headed to a slightly classier oyster establishment where Bourbon Street starts: Bourbon House. Check out our YouTube video for a vlog on our meal and our anticipation before WrestleMania.


What do you guys think we started with? Obviously, HAND GRENADES. And one only. A walkin’ grenade if you will.. we have a lot of people watching to do today. We made our way down Bourbon Street slowly just really taking it all in and celebrating with all the fans. We wished many people Happy WrestleMania! and most responded with Happy Rusev Day! DUH! God, how over is that guy? He has “a holiday everyday in his name” as Corey Graves would say. So funny. We did a lot of interviewing as well, just really anyone in a great wrestler costume or outfit, we had to stop and talk to.

Eventually, we made it the Beach on Bourbon, a little alcove tucked away from the street with two bars in a courtyard. We posted up here for the duration of the day, I mean c’mon, you can’t go wrong with three for one beers. FUCK YOU VEGAS! Just kidding. This place was pretty empty when we got here, but eventually it was crawling with the best-dressed wrestler gimmicks I have ever seen.


Obviously Finn Balor “too sweet”, Jimmy Hart, Macho Man… and help me out here… ?

SO. MANY. COSTUMES!! I love it. This place filled up so fast. Seriously, when we got here it was empty and we made friends with a couple Aussies who traveled from Canada toย  ‘Mania weekend. One of them was dressed as Mankind the whole time we were hanging out, we didn’t end up seeing his real face until the next day when we went back to tailgate before Monday Night RAW after ‘Mania. Really guys,ย  you only need one hand grenade, I don’t know if my body could handle another one. That’s why we posted up here, so we could share some beers and meet some really cool fans/

And the place grew, and grew

7516777456_IMG_0864Adam HATES Roman Reigns.

7516777456_IMG_0857Brother Love, Jimmy Hart, The Model, and all the way on the left is Hacksaw Jim!

All of these guys were super cool and got on camera with me to be interviewed on their first wrestling memory, which can be tough to put people on the spot be everyone was merry had a few drinks, so when a camera comes out the characters are ready to give their gimmicks a whirl.

IMG_4281.JPGAnd then there’s just the straight up style that I got to see from super fans that have collected memorabilia over the years, like this guy’s vest. Flair game on point, WOOO! I love patches, so I had to sneak a picture of this guys backside. No funny business. Seriously, that old school WWF patch.. I need!

Also, what made the Beach on Bourbon Streetย  THE destination was that this bar was playing entrance music of most of the main roster throughout the day, and fans could not get enough of this. You have guys walking to Charlotte’s music, “John Cena sucks” chants and crazy improvisations to Shinsuke Nakamura’s wild moves. Many beers later, it was eventually time to walk to the Superdome. So, with two giant Red Bull vodkas to keep us awake, we started the epic pilgrimage to WRESTLEMANIA!


Now, I’m not going to break down all the matches in this blog, because that would just be an overhaul and I am no wrestling journalist or expert on match breakdown. But, let me tell you… takeaways from the WrestleMania 34, I think is no surprise… Ronda Rousey is absolutely “ring ready” as they say it. Her picking up Triple H in a rack is engrained in my mind. And, the Charlotte vs. Asuka match was by far a standout for the ladies division. I have vague memory of the latter half of ‘Mania, just because I’m new and it’s such a long day, you really have to pace yourself and focus on so many things going on. So, while I was enthralled by the Shinsuke Nakamura entrance, the match between him and AJ Styles didn’t quite deliver as it was hyped up to be. But, I still love that rivalry and I can see it being played out for a long time, as it currently is. Shinsuke is a great heel.

By the end of ‘Mania, we were kind of perplexed by that ending. You all know what I’m talking about, Brock Lesnar beating Roman Reigns. But, I won’t get into that, there are so many rumblings of what’s going on with their storyline since that happened, it’s useless to get into it here. This was just my overview of my very first WrestleMania, not going to get technical in here at all. It was just a mind blowing experience. Seeing Adam get a little teary-eyed on camera when The Undertaker came out was pretty great. I didn’t know that guy really had such a heart for this wrestling stuff, but it’s so beautiful to see someone’s love for the product come out. And it makes me appreciate it even more. If you haven’t watched the first wrestling memory video, give it a whirl. The retirement speech of Daniel Bryan made me want to see what this wrestling stuff is all about. And, everybody, I used to be an amateur ballerina… never thought I would see wrestling that way. But, here we are now.

Now, who will I see at ALL IN in Chicago?



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