Bad Owl Coffee: Where the Hogwarts students get their fix

Bad Owl Coffee: Where the Hogwarts students get their fix

Henderson ‘hood gets their own Leaky Cauldron-esque Cafe

It takes a Seattle’n to hunt for the perfect coffee shop, let me tell you.  I was intrigued by this cafe in their pre-opening stages. Their concept of craft and care in the brew process is pretty A level; being from the American coffee mecca, I’m pretty impressed at the execution. But, it isn’t just coffee artistry that got me… but their THEME. If Harry, Hermione and Ron ever studied for the O.W.L. exams besides the Gryffindor common room, it would be at Bad Owl Coffee.

There is a line out the door and all tables are packed! That seems to be the norm for this place, which is great for a new business. Upon arrival I feel transported to some bustling Hogsmead cafe, where wizards and witches-in training frequent before class.

There are a few long tables for group discussion as well as intimate coffee tables adorned with quotes from Harry Potter installments. A respectable homage to Professor Severus Snape, in memory of Alan Rickman, is on one of entryway tables, as well as punny spells intertwined with coffee culture jargon.  This place does a miraculous job at combining the two worlds to make coffee magical.

In lieu of recent Brit news, here is the table dedicated to Alan Rickman, famously known for his villainous and romantic roles.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the Weasley Twins let Harry in a little of their sleuthing tools. The Marauder’s Map was created to oversee all of the Hogwarts grounds. Every person, every room, secret passage way is revealed. The map is also not fooled by cloaking devices such as polyjuice potions, animagi, invisibility and Hogwarts ghosts. Utter “Mischief Managed”… and you know the rest…

“Expecto Patronum” conjures the Patronus charm to create a shield spell when Death Eaters are present. Cheeky play on words!

I’m actually sitting in the cafe right now, different day entirely from my first encounter. I stopped by right when they opening around 7:30-8AM to grab a table to work. It’s now almost ten and there developing a slight line again.

Henderson is definitely a bustling Vegas suburb and residents like their coffee, nails and juice cleanses. Trader Joe’s is right around the corner too, so I can’t think of a better place to steal wifi and get blasted.

On top of having quality coffee, there’s a decent menu selection of various latte flavours, including lavender, Nutella, biscoff, and… BUTTERBEER BREW! Non-alcoholic, but it can be served with or without espresso. Pastries are also available and I’m told eventually they’re rolling out savory menu items, craft beer and wine down the road.

So, if you find yourself in Vegas, go have a butterbrew latte on your way to the Strip! I mean… Hogwarts Express!

“In dreams, we live in a world entirely our own.” -Dumbledore

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