Blogger Tag: The MySpace Questionaire

  • How Tall Are You?
  • I am 5 ft 9 inches. The 2000s were a tall and awkward time!
  • Do You Have A Hidden Talent? If So, What? 
  • I’m flexible! I was a amateur ballerina all through high school and college.
  • Do  you have any tattoos?
  • I have 8 tattoos. Most are symbology and one quote from Twin Peaks.
  1. What’s Your Favourite Social Media Website?
  • Instagram for sure for style inspiration and influence. Twitter for the dialogue and community.
  1. What’s Your Favourite Way To Spend Your Free Time?
  • The outdoors, I love a good hike. Or I could be listening to various podcasts, reading, writing, playing Nintendo possibly…
  1. What’s Your Favourite Junk Food?
  • Donuts…
  1. Do You Have A Pet Or Pets? If So, What Kind And What Are Their Names?
  • We have two cats, the girl is Aria and our boy is KENO… both from Vegas, obviously.
  1. What’s Your Favourite Fiction And Non Fiction Books?
  • Non-fiction: Anything by Michael Pollan (Cooked, The Botany of Desire etc)
  • Apollo’s Angels: A history of Ballet
  • Fiction: Anything by Bukowski, Kareouac,
  • Harry Potter, Ready Player One, Hunter S. Thompson
  1. What Your Favourite Beauty Product Or Tool?
  • Hair & scalp masks, because I dye my hair! I’m currently trying out a lot of products via Ipsy.  Favorite brands right now is Urban Decay and Tarte.
  1. Single or Taken?
  1. If You Could Only Drink One Beverage (Besides Water) For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?
  • Arnold Palmer
  1. What’s Your Favourite Movie?
  • This is hard…
  • Harry Potter
  • I Heart Huckabees
  • LA LA Land
  • Royal Tannenbaums
  • Anything by Wes Anderson
  1. What is your Guilty Pleasure?
  • Watching Total Divas, The Bachelor and liking One Direction (obviously RIP)
  1. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Live?
  • Venice Beach or London. Grew up in a small town but, I love the city. Tokyo sounds rad too.
  1. How would you describe your fashion sense?
  • I have a couple moods: 80s street / neon / acid wash, grunge 90s, or dark and witchy.
  1. How would you describe your situation right now?
  • Patient, learning, dream building
  1. Favourite TV show?
  • Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sailor Moon, Twin Peaks
  • Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?
  • Samii Ryan, and Mom
  1. What Is Your Favourite Blog/Youtube To Read/Watch?
  1. What Is Your Favourite Online Shop?
  1. Are You In Education Or Do You Work?
  • Graduated with my B.A. in journalism. I’ve been in digital marketing and I work in the food & beverage industry in Vegas. Currently, I freelance blog, and blog for myself, obvi you’re here!
  1. One Thing You Are Proud Of.
  • My experimentation with going plant-based. I have been logging my food intake and being accountable for trial and error. I’m also proud I moved to a new state, out of my comfort zone. I’m originally from Washington State and I live in Las Vegas currently. I have no intention of making it permanent, but it’s a stop along the way. What’s Next?

My apologies for the weird formatting. Going from Word to WordPress can be tricky and I’m still learning!

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