Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party

Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party

Yet another music festival?! Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how many long weekends have turned into an excuse to play music, serve street food and have Kombucha cocktails? Yeah, those freakin’ exist, a nod to Northern California, which is where I had my first Kombucha drink, period. Seattle is of course growing to be the most plugged-in city since San Francisco’s real estate skyrocketed. No one wants to hear “it’s sad that Seattle is losing its charm and grungy music scene roots”, San Francisco once had punk roots and still does in some parts. Change is good. (Take that with a grain of salt) Change is happening. Even though development is happening, music will never leave Seattle. Not if Kurt Cobain’s ghost has anything to say about it. So, here is a little bit about my Sunday ticket to the 2018 Capitol Hill Block Party…

Sunny Sunday stroll on my way up to “the hill”

After a bit of breakfast and coffee at my friend Stefani’s house, she sent me on my way with a water bottle of some sort of tequila drink in my purse, dropped me off in our old stomping grounds of Fremont, (also home to the Fremont Vintage Mall) where I happened to be entering the Fremont Sunday Market! Score!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.50.58 PM

Photo: Fremont Sunday Market… [cool embroidery]

Every Sunday in Seattle, various neighborhoods host markets offering trinkets, food and homemade oddities. In Capitol Hill, which is my destination for Block Party, has a market that stretches along Broadway Street East. You can find a plethora of consumables like: fresh produce, baked goods, and juices. The Fremont Sunday Market is for the antique hunter… there are SO many booths that have antique furniture, home decor and my personal vice… vintage fashion, patches and accessories.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 12.47.12 PM

Photo: Fremont Sunday Market 

So of course, I had to stop and take a stroll. There was this vintage booth I stopped at and totally missed an opportunity to score a perfect Levi’s denim jacket at a reasonable price. But, it was July and no way was I gonna trek around a music festival carrying around more layers. So, I went for some cute Lolita heart shaped glasses with pink lenses to complete the look. Also, I can’t remember the name of this gal’s booth, but she had SO MANY PATCHES I about lost my shit. I will definitely be back to make a special trip for artwork and patches. I have a problem.


My Instax souvenir from CHBP… I don’t know what to do with my arms.

What I love about Seattle is that you can get pretty much anywhere within city limits via bus. So, I took bus out of Fremont to downtown Seattle, which is near the retail core, Pike Place Market and all the touristy spots. If your willing to walk, Capitol Hill is but a short trek up hill on either Pike or Pine Street.

Capitol Hill Block Party 2018

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.13.21 PM.png

I’ve only been to Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP) one other time in 2015. I ended up attending because I won a single GA ticket from one of the bars Sam’s Tavern. How did I win? I made up a burger creation and posted it on Facebook. They saw my description and picked me! A for effort. I wasn’t much with the whole music festival scene, but I’m much more intrigued on how CHBP involves local businesses, sponsors, and hasn’t skyrocketed in pricing. I’m lookin’ at you Coachella, I mean with good reason, they’ve split that festival up into two weekends and its where anyone who’s got celebrity status can be spotted. Seattle is home to Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot, another big festival that falls on Labor Day weekend.

My reasoning for going to just attending Sunday, was that I could spend the weekend in Seattle and explore my old neighborhoods without being dedicated to Capitol Hill all weekend. Sunday would be like my last hurrah before leaving Washington… So I opted for Sunday, the final and third day of the festival. I only REALLY wanted to see one artist that I saw on the lineup and he played on Sunday at the main stage as the closing act. So, I thought, perfect, I can go and wander around all day, hear new music and totally engross myself. When I mean engross myself, I wanted the full experience of being VIP.

The VIP Experience: Worth It?


I went back and forth so many times before I hit the purchase button. But, it really is worth it. With General Admission, it gets you into the block where everything is. That’s it. Which is plenty for some people, if you want to be there for the sake of being there, there you go. If you want a little bit more like… um… free food and drink passes?? Then buy the VIP ticket. My girlfriends that I met there always go VIP and seem to know everyone involved in the music festival production world, because they’re ALWAYS at every music festival it seems like. So, what the hell? What’s great about VIP is that there is a separate lounge area with furniture, like outdoor patio setups for bracelet holders. With entry, they give you three drink tickets, which are good at the VIP bar. Oh yeah, did I mention we have our own bar?!


From the CHBP2018 VIP photobooth: my friends are hot.

Also, when you go on Sunday… your friends, who have been there all weekend, are a bit partied out and give you extra drink tickets. Score! There’s a ping pong table, a photo booth, lounge area and street taco catering by Poquito’s (a local Tex Mex place next door) So… a place to sit, free food, free drinks, photo booth, swag bag, and all near main stage? Sure, sounds like a great deal.

Like I said, it all depends on your personal preference and what kind of experience you want to have as a ticket holder. I really wanted that catered experience. I got four free drinks out of it and they fed me. Which could easily be a little expensive at the beer gardens. I was introduced to many great bands, I entered contests to win a trip to Austin, Texas, got an Instax photo taken, free sample CD of Austin musicians doing covers of classics, free water for everyone… AND FREE TACOS. The tip of the night was running from one stage to another to catch the last act of the night, the musical styling I bought this ticket to see: Father John Misty. Some of you may know him from the Fleet Foxes as J. Tillman. He has since been crushing it in his solo career under stage name / cult leader Father John Misty.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.18.51 PM

Photo: Capitol Hill Block Party (Father John Misty)

I have no complaints whatsoever on the production value of this caliber. Capitol Hill Block Party has crushed it yet again. They made me really appreciate the place I come from and love to visit. They brought me together with friends, with the old establishments and watering holes I used to frequent… a great trip down memory lane. They have introduced me to new music that are becoming some of my new favorites. It’s peaked my interest to be present at more music festivals for years to come… Coachella for festival fashion, CHBP for my home, Pitchfork & Lollapalooza so I can stay w/ my Chicago fam/friends and Outside Lands for San Francisco. I went to Outside Lands when it first unveiled back in 2008… I actually think that was my first music festival ever. Damn 10 years later…

See ya at Life is Beautiful!


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