The Double R Diner, Twin Peaks

The Double R Diner, Twin Peaks

Over the mountains and through the woods…

While I was gone over holiday break, I finally made the little trek up to the infamous mountain town of North Bend. Also known as the set of THE pop culture phenomenon of 90s television: Twin Peaks.


Alongside my parents, we’re on route to their second house, dubbed “The Nut House” in the middle of Washington State, aka smalltown, USA. An outpost of its own regard, the town of Soap Lake used to be somewhat of a health resort, but more on that later…

This must be where pies go when they die…

From Whidbey Island to the mainland, there are few main routes to take to head east. The way through Snohomish County before hitting popular mountain passes, is the little town of North Bend. Upon entering North Bend Way as you make your way over the mountains, this small avenue is lined with shops, a pub, a couple cafes and shops. Nestled on the corner near a major railroad is Twede’s Diner aka The Double R Diner.


We had started this trek to Soap Lake, on a Sunday morning, so upon entering I 100 percent expected this place to be hopping with tourists and local brunch goers alike. No surprise, this little horseshoe shaped diner was packed. We idled up to a few raised bar seats (so old school!) and I oggled at the retro interior and neon ceiling. Patiently waiting for our busy server to make his way over, I wandered to the bathroom hallway near the back of the diner. If you should have to wait in line for your turn, like myself, just turn around and look at all the Twin Peaks prints and memorabilia that cover the eggshell wall paint.


You will find printed film stills, behind the scenes shots, magazine covers and newspaper headlines. What’s so interesting about Twin Peaks is not only its avant garde storytelling and existential themes, but how it pioneered the long form TV drama. What prevails Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services is the 45+ minute long shows like the UK’s SkinsRiverdale, Dexter, Gossip Girl and the list goes on and on. Twin Peaks set that stage for the popular shows that we binge watch today.

They got a cherry pie that’ll kill ya…


It was around lunchtime when we arrived to North Bend and really, I had only one thing on my mind for this visit, cherry pie and diner coffee. I’m used to my mother’s flakey berry pies, which she makes at our small town cafe Whidbey Pies. This hunk of diner pie, was satisfying and totally different. It’s a classic. It’s what I expected: that sweet, gelatinous artificial cherry filling with a thick crust, almost like shortbread cookie. The best, though unnecessary, part were the giant sugar crystals that coated the top. Loads of coffee and sugar… I’ll be buzzing for sure. The cool whip (a’la Stewie Griffin) I could have done without. Well, it takes a pretty photo! The drip coffee is acceptable, even Dad approved.

The rest of the menu is a classic supplier of diner favorites and comfort food. No surprises there. Definitely worth a stop if you happen to take a day trip into the mountains for a hike around lunchtime.


Hop outside and around the corner there are a few murals for the perfect photo-op. On the side of the restaurant there is a colorful one complete with a slice of pie and coffee in the background. I wonder how many people just come in for only pie…?

Behind the restaurant in the alleyway, there is the infamous Twin Peaks city limits sign with the roadside going off into the distance. This roadside location was originally on my itinerary to stop at. But, so many fans had attempted to steal the sign, that whoever got it, got the last one. No more sign at 41471 SE Reinig Rd in Snoqualmie.

No matter, that’s why this is the one stop you can get most of your Twin Peaks fix. Pie, coffee and photo ops. Other neighboring towns such as Fall City and Snoqualmie are home to trails where you can find Ronnette’s bridge and the Fall City Roadhouse and Inn, aka The Bang Bang Bar.

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