Retro punk kitsch: an interview with Vintage MRKT

Alright one more question before we wrap this up: Any designers, brands or artists you look up to that keeps you inspired?

Jenny: I am inspired by so much, where do I even start? I really love indie music, blackwork tattoo artists, the local photography and art community, and any brands that are creatively authentic and independently owned. I’ve tried to move away from aiming at what major brands want me to be… I think supporting the actual creatives and product creators is the future of consuming. I’m so lucky to have a partner that is also so creative and inspires me. I think when creatives collide so many beautiful things blossom.

V: That’s a good question right now, since we’re all quarantined. No ones going to shows or shopping and thrifting… its all moved online. I really love Pleasures right now. They’re a really cool independent street wear brand with a great story. They do a lot of collaborations, but they have their own graphic collection of hoodies, tees etc. Another brand I like is Blends L.A. Very sleek, but a little on the pricey side; though I feel a lot of these emerging brands are higher quality and it’s worth it. They often come out with items that once they’re sold they’re gone forever. So that adds value. I like Supreme; the hype has died down, but I whenever I can find that, it’s a score. I support local dealers here in Vegas, because they support us and that’s the kind of community Vegas has created and is pushing for in the coming months and years… especially now.

That is very true, quarantine has brought so many sellers together to help promote each other and to promote better consumer habits. Well, thank you so much to V and Jenny aka, Vintage MRKT for taking the time with me and answering all of those questions. If you guys enjoyed that read and are looking to shop/vibe with Vintage MRKT, head over to their Depop Page or look them up on all their socials for scoops on their next local Popup in the Las Vegas area.

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