Cherry Bombs and Neon Angels: The Runaways


Dakota Fanning as Cherie wastes no time to show her ode to glam rock God/Goddess/ other life form David Bowie; by cutting her hair with craft scissors and painting a giant lightning bolt on her face; she lip syncs to “Lady Grinning Soul” at a talent show. Many of the more glammed up 70s style, metallic jackets and on-stage looks came from a film industry costume mecca known as Palace Costumes in Los Angeles.

Costume designer, Beadle said in an interview that: “there were some things, some moments, that Floria (director) wanted to recreate verbatim, but most were just my interpretation.” Stating definitely one of those verbatim recreations was Joan Jett’s red leather jumpsuit and Cherie Currie’s white lingerie set. Also of equal importance was the shoes: the band is seen numerous times in colossal metallic boots and high heeled thigh highs on stage.

It was important to get those iconic moments, because nobody was dancing in lingerie at the time, even for an all girl rock band. It was so taboo and the epitome of punk rebellion to wear a full lingerie set on stage. Would they get in trouble? Maybe, but they were playing in Japan, where daring fashion statements and Lolita style was in its inception. Though The Runaways never achieved major success in the States, they were an overseas sensation.

Cherie Currie in Japan, Life in Lingerie

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