The spiritual illumination of being present: Just Love, Just Light

For the person that is struggling to see the brighter side of life, or maybe is struggling to resume normality in the world of COVID-19 … what would you say to them?

Stefani: I would first say that my love is with you, and that I hope your days become brighter soon.  This human experience is unfortunately not always the easiest. Our brilliant minds have been conditioned in a comparison culture and it can feel very dark at times. We have been taught to perceive good and bad, instead of life as a true moment-to-moment experience. If you are feeling afraid, sad, fearful, anxious, or any way that is causing deep pain internally and externally, please remember that we see these as bad feelings, but it is only because we have been taught that. Our pains are just as beautiful and of a natural occurrence. They too serve as part of this human experience. They come to teach us something. They teach us how strong we are to stand in the face of each day. They remind us that our hearts are in fact beating in our chest, and our lungs are taking in the air.  That we have a gift of feeling those emotions because we are alive. 

Stefani catching those rare sunny rays in Washington

I deal with a lot of those emotions as well, but it helps to know that when I am in panic, it is because I am alive to feel it. I try to get to know that more when I feel anxious. Sometimes, all that can help in that moment is watching a funny video, or looking at pictures of the earth, or making myself a really delicious smoothie and remembering that earth is flowing through my body and healing what is needed. I try not to rush or judge the process, just take it moment by moment. Many around the world are feeling this collective shift in normalcy, but we are not alone. As the planet spins in space, we are all here together and trying to accept a new cycle. We often see walls as separation, but from our hearts, we are still very much connected. When we can love ourselves through all of what we are feeling, we can send that love to others and visualize a more peaceful planet for us all. 

“Our pains are just as beautiful and of a natural occurrence.”

Just Love. Just Light.

I would love to share a little practice that has guided me through this quarantine and I hope it finds you well. One thing I used to judge a lot was the slower pace of my life. As I have simplified what brings me joy, it is easy to care what the world thinks about that. You can start to feel like you are not enough or what others expect you to be, which is a total condition. And sometimes, I am simply in a state of sadness that causes me to stay in bed. It can be easy to see that as a failure. Being in quarantine has really allowed me to see this judgement I was making and how it kept me in a lower state. But Abraham Hicks once taught me a beautiful little trick and I have been putting it into practice when in isolation:

If you are spending a lot of time in bed, first learn to love that. Try to see it without judgement, and enjoy that you spent the day in bed. Even if it’s playing a video game, think to yourself: “wow, I am so happy I am alive in this moment, playing this video game.” Try not to let your mind wander to what you think you should be doing: be present. I have learned that seeing myself without judgement allows me to fill the room with more love than criticism. As days pass, I get more energy and there is room to let love in. Be patient: the creativity will flow again and the inspiration will come. There is no agenda or blueprint for your life or the planet. We are all floating in space and the creative universe witnessing itself. We will find our way. Eat well. Get to know your wonder. Love and Light, Stefani.

Thank you for joining me today for another interview in my quarantine series. I want to thank my dear friend in Seattle: Stefani for taking the time to join the community. If you’re looking for some peace of mind, poetry, a meditation… just a space to unplug, check out her blog at Just Love Just Light. And as always…

Be well my friends.


  1. Just Love. Just Light. says:

    Reblogged this on Just Love. Just Light. and commented:
    Could not be more ecstatic and honored to be featured on @thewaybackcloset blog today! Hailey and I have been friends for about 9 years now and to see her grow in her own journalism and life journey has been amazing. I am so thankful for her beautiful soul ❤️❤️
    Living with my disease is something I have learned to celebrate. Without it, I wouldn’t be who or where I am today. To be able to share that journey with others is something I will never take for granted. And to be able to open up about what has inspired my own blog is an honor.
    @justlovejustlight has been such a big part of my own journey, but to be able to connect with so many others is truly the most magical feeling. To share the healing elements of our planet as my teachers have done for me has been a blessing.
    If you’d like to read the whole post/interview, check it out in the link in my bio! I hope it brings some light to you today and that you connect with me over on the blog!
    And truly just want to take the moment to say thank you again to all of you who have supported the whole of my journey. Trust me when I say, I do not forget the positive comments or interactions I’ve had with each and every one of you on this human journey. I’m sending my love and light always! You are the universe, you are never ending, and you deserve to love every bit of who you are.
    Love and Light,
    -Stefani 💕
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  2. Just Love. Just Light. says:

    Thank you for having me! Love you! 💕

    1. haileyaway says:

      It always a joy to discuss your path and gives us all some insight. 🙂

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