Don’t Blackout: Support Black Lives Matter Movements AND Small Business Owners

Bananna Bones

This gal is not a person of color, but she like many others with small businesses have created items or have donated many of their proceeds towards community bail funds in their area. Anna of Bananna Bones is a biker babe artist of many mediums. She has a very popular shop on Etsy where she sells her artwork on enamel pins, buttons, patches, stickers, notepads, digital downloads and a few tees. You instantly fall in love with her brash feminine phrases and bubblegum punk rock ethos. Her most recent project is creating these Black Lives Matter buttons, which 100% of profits are returned to the BLM organization and the Campaign Zero organization that aims to fund community oversight and defund malicious means of policing.


Another independent artist and designer, based out of NYC is Stella Rose Saint Clair. She owns STELLA and her blog It’s Stella Rose where she writes about vintage from a alternative vantage and promotes mental health with a series of blogs and YouTube videos called Fashion Therapy. With her platform and following, she’s responding to the many injustices against people of color by donating 100% of her profits with the purchase of one of her Angry Animal shirts, which will go towards, again the Campaign Zero initiative that is aimed at changing critical policies nationally within the police force that could bring an end to police violence across America. Stella has *three animal shirts: a pink gingham bunny (sold out), blue gingham bear and a red gingham cat tee, as seen in the photo.

Call Me Adventurous

Circling it back to me hometown, I met Samantha (Sam) when we danced in our local dance company. We didn’t know each other too well, but rolled with similar circles in the theatre arts during high school. Fast forward to social media becoming a crucial mode of branding – Sam has beautiful page(s), where she blogs on her travels, which was piqued by a travel abroad program to England. She studied photojournalism and took her talents online as a freelancer and digital nomad, pretty much my dream. In response to the #BlackoutTuesday posts that were circulating, she unveiled another side of the story in a pretty awakening post:

“Hot take, but the whole #blackouttuesday hashtag ain’t it chief. We must keep speaking up and staying right in the action to make change. I am 100% over performative woke-ness. Boy bye to that 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 Over the next week I’ll post ways you can make change, even if it’s something small. It’s not my job as a black woman to do this for y’all, but as someone who has fought behind the scenes for representation, diversity, and equality, I have a lot of experience in how to make a difference without amplifying yourself as the center, and I am happy to share it with you if it will help you figure out how you can enact change.”

Resources and ways to get involved:

Black Lives Matter

Unicorn Riot

Black Visions Collective

Campaign Zero

Vegas Freedom Fund

Austin Justice Coalition

Community Advocacy and Healing


  1. joyce way says:

    Taking the time to think. It gives more value to eventual actions.

    1. haileyaway says:

      Yes, agreed! Self-awareness before action and always “looking at things another way.” I’ll always remember that quote.

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