Anytime Austin Market Hosts Popups @ Revival Coffee

Anytime Austin Market Hosts Popups @ Revival Coffee

I’m checking my Google Calendar to see when the next few markets are scheduled and realized I didn’t have any lined up! So I went into Instagram to see if the usual ones I follow had any dates logged in and in my suggested follows I see Anytime Austin Market is a new-ish account. I’m not entirely sure how long they have been hosting patio markets outside of the newly re-branded Revival Coffee (which is so cute, decked out in millenial pink decor) I decided to attend their next one and check it out.

Matcha Iced Tea by Revival Coffee (shown right courtesy of Anytime Austin Market)

Chill house music pulsates through speakers on a stage outside Revival Coffee’s patio space. Several booths are nestled in front of a giant ice bin full of Blue Norther Hard Seltzer, which supplied the event with free libations while supplies last. Weaving in and out of the different clothing racks there were even vendors that drove all the way out from Houston and San Antonio to showcase their collections.

Here is a complete list of sellers that set up shop over this particular weekend:

Future markets outside of Revival Coffee will surely take place EVERY weekend, weather permitting. It’s the perfect setting to bring out-of-town visitors, vintage treasure hunters, antique collectors, and everyone who loves supporting local Austin vendors! Keep an eye out for Anytime Austin’s future markets by following their page as well as Revival Coffee by Gabrielas.

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