Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa

Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa

On our only full day in Marfa, we decided to explore by cycling around the town. Our motel has cute fixed speed-bikes for a daily rental fee. First we grabbed coffees from the local café, The Sentinel. The inside is full of local handmade goods, tinctures, and such. The outside offers a spacious gravel patio with various tables, fire pits, and an enormous fireplace decorated with animal skulls and bones. You can also find the local newspaper The Big Bend Sentinel sold here as well.

We drove the 20 or so minutes out to Valentine to check out the Stardust Motel sign and Prada Marfa. There is also a bunch of locks, love letters, COVID masks, and other paraphernalia intertwined with the fencing from past visitors. Seven more miles down the road is the Marfa Lights observation area. The phenomenon is kind of the town’s folklore… no one knows what causes it, but *allegedly* it has a season for better viewing. So we decided to nix it from this visit.

On our bike ride, we visited as many open places. For lunch, we went to another local bodega: Para Llevar which offers, sandwiches, salads, various drinks, and souvenirs. An unassuming addition to this shop is a room with a lone vending machine. Se Vende sells assorted necessities and souvenirs like neon pink horseshoes, camping mugs, stickers, patches, sexy kits, and other local novelties. Aside from Para Llevar, The Get Go is the local grocery store! Nearby is Cactus Liquors, which sells various mainstream labels and local liquor. Outside you can find, you guessed it: succulents, cacti, peppers, herbs, and tree varieties. A member of NPR, Marfa Public Radio headquarters can also be found nearby.

Down the street from the Thunderbird is a cocktail bar The Water Stop and vintage shop, The B Side, which sells lots of vinyl as well. Fresh off some poolside Mezcal we tried to go to Pizza Foundation for dinner (closed) SO we went to the Hotel Saint George for a funky eloté corn pizza. I think the Italians here would have found that blasphemous, but it was alright.

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