Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa

Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa

Next, we went to Hotel Paisano for a drink at their bar, which we discreetly whisked away to their poolside. The atrium of the pool deck has a comical resemblance to the set of Romeo & Juliet. There is lush greenery, ornate balconies, a rockery with a waterfall, a little footbridge, and a Jesus floating around on a buoy. Picture me in my most enamored white girl voice: “we must be in Verona.”

This ranch town had its ups and downs throughout the 20th century. Eventually Hollywood swept through to film Giant starring Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean in the 1950s. Inside the Hotel Paisano are iconic Western film stills from filming on location within Marfa’s city limits. It is probably haunted… by whom? That remains unknown to me. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful hotel inside and out and it’s listed as a National Historic Landmark.

I could stay a few more days here to see what else would open up, but we had to get a move on to our next destination. We left town Wednesday morning after a fresh-baked breakfast from Aster’s Bakery and strolled the street to investigate some boutiques and art.

The desert continues to amaze me. I can’t put into words what brought me to live near the Mojave Desert in Las Vegas a few years ago… and now I’m regaining my footing in the Lone Star State. A huge state with humidity, questionable policies, expansive West Texas desert, and gorgeous nature… there’s so much to explore. This is coming from someone who grew up in the opposite climate, a rainy Pacific Northwestern islander, I’m so grateful for every adventure. Since our decision to road trip to White Sands National Park, Marfa happened to be along our route so I knew we had to stopover. Whether you’re passing through or it happens to be your destination, Marfa is a town you cannot miss.

Here are a few other must-visit spots and events in Marfa… that may or may not be waiting for you. It’s only a matter if they’re open. 😉

Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love

Moonlight Gemstones


Frama Coffee @ Tumbleweed Laundry

Wrong Store & Gallery

Big Bend Coffee Roasters

Lost Horse Saloon

Do Your Thing


Al Campo Wine Garden

RABA Vintage

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