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What’s up? I’m Hailey and thanks for stopping by my blog & shop: The Wayback Closet.  I am a freelance copywriter with a background in journalism, B2B and B2C digital marketing. This space isn’t about that – I am also a Depop seller, occasional crafter and enjoy the written word. 

Welcome to my blog.

During the era of COVID-19 we’re all at home. Either working from home or gambling with finances to find work elsewhere. I know many small business owners and have friends in the entertainment/service industry. What are we to do? So, I wanted to brush up on my reporting skills and learn all about them. My interview series includes a few friends, musicians, vintage dealers, writers, makers and small business owners from a variety of avenues. I love learning about their inspirational sources and how they got their start. Join me in appreciating all of our artists by supporting your local economy.

While your here, feel free to explore other posts where I enjoy writing on street style, travel, events, pop and nerd culture, with a sporadic vlog here and there. Here are a few of my past guest blog posts and article bylines. 

Guest Blog Posts

Strand’Ed In The Alley: An Interactive Hair Education Festival

Styling Product Spotlight: Battle Born Grooming Co.

Pixie Perfect: Happy Birthday Edie Sedgwick

Back To The Hair: Nostalgic cartoons and their classic hairdos

Origami, shadows, and Hello Kitty: Japanese fashion hits SAM

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