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Thanks for stopping by my space: The Wayback Closet.  I am a freelance writer and editor with a background in journalism and digital marketing. This space isn’t about that – I am a intrigued by style in its many forms. 

Welcome to my blog.

Join me in appreciating all of our artists by supporting your local community 🙂

While your here feel free to explore posts where I explore street style, travel recollections, wardrobe style, pop and nerd culture, and art in its many forms. Here are a few of my past guest blog posts and article bylines. 

Guest Blog Posts

Shop Small Businesses: Weekly Markets Around Austin

Strand’Ed In The Alley: An Interactive Hair Education Festival

Styling Product Spotlight: Battle Born Grooming Co.

Pixie Perfect: Happy Birthday Edie Sedgwick

Back To The Hair: Nostalgic cartoons and their classic hairdos

Origami, shadows, and Hello Kitty: Japanese fashion hits SAM


  1. Jway says:

    So good to see you again! Be a great sucess!

    1. haileyaway says:

      Thank you for being my most valued support!

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