Effy: the rebellious little sister

Elizabeth Stonem, better known as "Effy" throughout Generation 1 and 2, is Tony's quiet little sister. The first time we see Effy is in the pilot when she arrives home appearing to have been out all night. Smudged metallic makeup, bags under her eyes, skull and bones earrings, and platform boots... I mean how COULD … Continue reading Effy: the rebellious little sister

Jal: The studious musician

Ah the voice of reason; Jalander "Jal" Fazer is Michelle's best friend, the goody two shoes, the Wiz Kid of the group, who happens to be gifted at the clarinet. She is of course the group's band geek and known for "making braces a thing" according to a recent article from Buzzfeed. Jal is one of … Continue reading Jal: The studious musician

Michelle: the troubled smoke show

"Stop calling me Nips!" Michelle got a bad rap for being the physically gifted, all consumed girlfriend of manipulative Tony Stonem, whom penned the name "Nips" for her alleged uneven boobs. Seriously, drop it like a hot plate and move along. Though despite her on and off relationship, Michelle is always going to be your … Continue reading Michelle: the troubled smoke show

Cassie: the fairy on acid

We're going to break down our fashionable, yet hedonistic high schoolers of E4's Skins one by one. Ever since a friend told me about the show, I binge watched every season while I was in college, and thats "university" in America. Along with angsty drama and dark humor that carry most storylines of this show, there … Continue reading Cassie: the fairy on acid

Retro Street Style: Las Vegas Fashion Week’s Indie Runway Show

Join me at Las Vegas Fashion Week's first evening runway show: Fall into a dreamlike trance with Vintage MRKT's runway show featuring indie darlings and artists in their own respective spheres as they showcase retro, punk and vintage streetwear spanning from the 70s to Y2k trends. All outfits are from Vintage MRKT and can be … Continue reading Retro Street Style: Las Vegas Fashion Week’s Indie Runway Show