The Double R Diner, Twin Peaks

Over the mountains and through the woods... While I was gone over holiday break, I finally made the little trek up to the infamous mountain town of North Bend. Also known as the set of THE pop culture phenomenon of 90s television: Twin Peaks. Alongside my parents, we're on route to their second house, dubbed … Continue reading The Double R Diner, Twin Peaks

Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party

Yet another music festival?! Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how many long weekends have turned into an excuse to play music, serve street food and have Kombucha cocktails? Yeah, those freakin' exist, a nod to Northern California, which is where I had my first Kombucha drink, period. Seattle is of course … Continue reading Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party

#AldisCrusade Takes on LA

We became aware of another National Wrestling Alliance match in California. So, that means road trip!! The current reigning champ, *Nick Aldis has attempted to hijack the NWAโ€™s control by announcing a worldwide tour deemed the #AldisCrusade which was noteworthy on the NWAโ€™s Twitter and YouTube. The Aldis Crusade kicked off at the Oceanview Pavillion … Continue reading #AldisCrusade Takes on LA