Suburban Escapism and 80s Style in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

One of my all time favorite FEEL-GOOD movies is the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It is a must watch while we're all in quarantine, because we can fondly remember being allowed in large crowds during that epic parade scene. It holds up decades later as one of the most iconic 80s movies by John … Continue reading Suburban Escapism and 80s Style in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Femininity and Iconic 90s Fashion in Clueless

Over two decades later and people still talk about the infamous clique from Clueless that paved the way for the likes of Mean Girls and many other coming-of-age Americana classics.   Though when this iconic film premiered I was only six years old. I think it wasn't until later when the likes of Harriet The Spy came about that … Continue reading Femininity and Iconic 90s Fashion in Clueless

Y2K Menswear: Skins Generation One

Well well well, I did not think we would be in the middle of a self-quarantine during half the month of March and indefinitely into April... so I'm continuing my "Behind the Scenes/Seams" of Skins.  Chris, Sid, Maxxie and Tony (not pictured: Anwar) Since we are all watching Netflix in between working from home, getting outside, … Continue reading Y2K Menswear: Skins Generation One

Effy: the rebellious little sister

Elizabeth Stonem, better known as "Effy" throughout Generation 1 and 2, is Tony's quiet little sister. The first time we see Effy is in the pilot when she arrives home appearing to have been out all night. Smudged metallic makeup, bags under her eyes, skull and bones earrings, and platform boots... I mean how COULD … Continue reading Effy: the rebellious little sister