Cassie: the fairy on acid

We're going to break down our fashionable, yet hedonistic high schoolers of E4'sย Skins one by one. Ever since a friend told me about the show, I binge watched every season while I was in college, and thats "university" in America. Along with angsty drama and dark humor that carry most storylines of this show, there … Continue reading Cassie: the fairy on acid

1980s: It’s a style, it’s a gimmick

Whether it's video games, fashion, music or wrestling I have been finding more and more aesthetics on Instagram that continue to influence and inspire the way I dress and the way I appreciate this decade of technology, style and music: The 80s. Here are a few of my favorite entrepreneurs and content creators that feed … Continue reading 1980s: It’s a style, it’s a gimmick