Femininity and Iconic 90s Fashion in Clueless

Over two decades later and people still talk aboutย the infamous clique fromย Clueless thatย paved the way for the likes of Mean Girlsย and many other coming-of-age Americana classics. Though when this iconic film premiered I was only six years old. I think it wasn't until later when the likes of Harriet The Spy came about that I … Continue reading Femininity and Iconic 90s Fashion in Clueless

Vaporwave: style and nostalgia

On the topic of the 80s and style inspiration... comes one of my favorite surges of artwork: vaporwave. I came across this term on Tumblr, while I was probably going through a wormhole of link-bait, stumbling across all these subterranean style cultures, like: health goth, sea punk, pastel goth, and vaporwave. Sea punk in particular … Continue reading Vaporwave: style and nostalgia