#AldisCrusade Takes on LA

We became aware of another National Wrestling Alliance match in California. So, that means road trip!! The current reigning champ, *Nick Aldis has attempted to hijack the NWAโ€™s control by announcing a worldwide tour deemed the #AldisCrusade which was noteworthy on the NWAโ€™s Twitter and YouTube. The Aldis Crusade kicked off at the Oceanview Pavillion … Continue reading #AldisCrusade Takes on LA

Disneyland & LALA Land

SEATTLE ---> LOS ANGELES My boyfriend and I left our damp Seattle microcosm for a March vacation! This spring vacationer took her first trip to lala land, Los Angeles. My beau is from the Huntington Beach area originally, so we were bound to head down there. My friends always gaped at me when I confessed … Continue reading Disneyland & LALA Land