Cool Girls Making Cool Sh*t

Since being on the Instagram, it has had its ups and downs as a creative platform. Its developed personalities that were born on the likes of MySpace and Buzznet into full fledged entrepreneurs over the matter of a decade in the information age. I wanted take this moment to pay my respects to some of … Continue reading Cool Girls Making Cool Sh*t

Style ‘grams to revamp your closet

I feel so green to Instagram still! Since I was literally the last one in my college class to get an iPhone. Every one of my friends kept asking me, "are you on Instagram?" and sheepishly I would show them my old ass phone with a sliding keyboard and touch screen. Flash forward a few … Continue reading Style ‘grams to revamp your closet

1980s: It’s a style, it’s a gimmick

Whether it's video games, fashion, music or wrestling I have been finding more and more aesthetics on Instagram that continue to influence and inspire the way I dress and the way I appreciate this decade of technology, style and music: The 80s. Here are a few of my favorite entrepreneurs and content creators that feed … Continue reading 1980s: It’s a style, it’s a gimmick

Plant People of Instagram

Ever since I've started this experimentation with plant-based dietary guidelines, I've been investigating a handful of individuals that produce a certain niche within the plant-based lifestyle that is personal to their individual lives. Here are my top five and why I love what their producing: Rich Roll I mentioned the Rich Roll podcast in my … Continue reading Plant People of Instagram

Princess Casual is Melonhopper

Since moving to Las Vegas, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurial retailerย Melonhopper! What exactly is it? Imagine everything Barbie was able to wear but, made life size for real girls... pastels, pastry prints, and shear babydoll dresses! Chief Unicorn herself, Lauren Randall showed her collection at one of the largest … Continue reading Princess Casual is Melonhopper