Cool Girls Making Cool Sh*t

Since being on the Instagram, it has had its ups and downs as a creative platform. Its developed personalities that were born on the likes of MySpace and Buzznet into full fledged entrepreneurs over the matter of a decade in the information age. I wanted take this moment to pay my respects to some of … Continue reading Cool Girls Making Cool Sh*t

Ghost Stories: Pacific Northwest Places to Visit All Hallows Eve

While Las Vegas is gearing up for all the spooks and thrills of Halloween just like any other town, I can't help but reminisce on the romantic and eery vibe the Pacific Northwest can get around this time of year. While there are many historical buildings in and around Seattle that are considered haunted, I … Continue reading Ghost Stories: Pacific Northwest Places to Visit All Hallows Eve

Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party

Yet another music festival?! Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how many long weekends have turned into an excuse to play music, serve street food and have Kombucha cocktails? Yeah, those freakin' exist, a nod to Northern California, which is where I had my first Kombucha drink, period. Seattle is of course … Continue reading Seattle: Capitol Hill Block Party