Treat Yo’ Self: Professional Facials 101

Treat yourself, young lady. You deserve it. I am careful about what I put on my skin. I don't normally cake a ton of makeup on for everyday wear, because it sinks into your pores and makes your natural skin less gorgeous. The only time I would wear heavy contouring makeup was when I was … Continue reading Treat Yo’ Self: Professional Facials 101

Tony Moly “I’M REAL” Mask Review

LEMON BRIGHTENING MASK SHEET Hello! As many of you know, or those who have read this blog, I'm now a Vegas local. My boyfriend and I have been living in the desert now for approximately five months...Whaaaat? Time has flown and my skin definitely felt the change in climate... So, I switched up my skin … Continue reading Tony Moly “I’M REAL” Mask Review