Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa


You may have heard of this place... a mysterious small town... a minimalist artist's hub... home of the lone Prada "store" art installation. Along with other monumental wonders like the dim-lit Stardust Motel sign and the Marfa Lights, this is a lonely pocket of the West Texas desert. There are many hidden wonders to observe … Continue reading Weird West Texas Desert: Marfa

The Southwest Charm of Scottsdale

Since we travelled several times last year... Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Chicago,ย  and back to Seattle... we put the breaks on the year 2019. But, the hustle keeps going. With one last trip to start 2019 off, Phoenix would be our last scheduled travel destination this year.. (of course that is subject to change … Continue reading The Southwest Charm of Scottsdale

Ghost Stories: Pacific Northwest Places to Visit All Hallows Eve

While Las Vegas is gearing up for all the spooks and thrills of Halloween just like any other town, I can't help but reminisce on the romantic and eery vibe the Pacific Northwest can get around this time of year. While there are many historical buildings in and around Seattle that are considered haunted, I … Continue reading Ghost Stories: Pacific Northwest Places to Visit All Hallows Eve