The spiritual illumination of being present: Just Love, Just Light

Enduring extreme physical pain and byzantine modern medicine, she found a healing path by entrusting nature with her body and soul.

Stefani Léon and her dog Penny

Folding clothes in a sort of ho hum manner was a typical malaise working in fast fashion. I don’t think ill on my experience working in retail, it put me through college after all. My co-workers were all my friends; we shared carpools together, late nights out after work and early mornings staggering in before dawn to unpack another block of mass produced fabric. I was relatively new to this store and was slowly learning everyone’s names. This cool girl with long brown hair and one blonde streak, like Christina Perri, got to chatting with me about music. Our mutual love of writing, The Beatles and indie rock group Rooney instantly gave us common ground and a friendship blossomed from there.

Throughout our time working together in a standing and walking work environment, I began to learn more about this auto-immune disease she had been battling for years. Some days her legs would be in so much pain, she had to remain sedentary… and some days we could walk all over the city of Seattle and endure long days at work. She went through countless specialists, treatments and even had prescription for steroids in an attempt to expel the disease. Symptoms made working on her feet stressful and painful. She finally took a step back and looked inward and thought: there had to be another way to fight this. One mantra always stayed constant:

“Trust the process”


I’m happy to say Stefani and I stayed connected through social media and sporadic get togethers when I would visit my home state of Washington. She has made a miraculous turnaround in her disease, which was finally determined as Takayasus Vasculitis, also known as “TAK” a rare form of vasculitis involving inflammation in the walls of the largest arteries in the body. Ridding her body of medications she adopted a mostly plant-based lifestyle and documents her transformation through her love of writing and poetry. Just Love, Just Light is born as a way to bring awareness and offer an oasis of light, good energy and power from the source. Join me as we deep dive in an exploration of living truthfully and fully by a natural ordinance.

Thank you for taking the time to explore your story and open up about your evolution and sources of inspiration. If you had to define or give a mission to what Just Love Just Light is… how do you describe it?

Stefani: Just Love Just Light is a platform that is here to reconnect all of creation: To share the beauty of our planet, our higher selves, and working to remove the conditions we have placed on ourselves as a result of being human and having our beautiful minds. It’s seeing ourselves: the source itself and learning to embrace the whole of our human experience and that of the world around us. It is a space to be present.

When did you come up with the idea of Just Love Just Light? 

Stefani: About four years ago, I began the unfolding of myself and I wanted to share that journey with others. I felt like I couldn’t keep that awareness to myself, I had to share it as my teachers did for me. It was at that same time in my life where I was really seeing my shadows and their manifestations. In those moments, I would whisper to myself: “You are just love. You are just light.” It would instantly remind me that I was one with everything, that there is no ending, and that what I was experiencing did not have to feel that way because I was the universe and had power over how I looked at this experience. So when I came up with the idea for a blog, the name came to me naturally.

You have a creative writing background and a blog for JLJL. Where do you draw inspiration for your writing?

Stefani: Most of my inspiration comes from the planet and from life; the things I have learned and have had to unlearn. Writing has always been the place where I can be my most expressive self, and as my life and human experience flows, my writing follows. As far as the Earth goes, our planet is the greatest teacher. It reminds us that we are all connected and not just the physical form we perceive. When I write, I go to that place of understanding, and it flows. She reminds me to remind others that they are as gorgeous as those colorful sunsets and vast oceans.

What are the main components within your blog?

Stefani: I definitely would say wellness, lifestyle, and self-awareness. Not in the form of achieving wealth or a goal, but rather learning to be well in all states of our consciousness.  I like to touch on a wide range of ourselves and how to love ourselves for everything we are. Our traumas, our fears, our ailments, but also our perception of these. And how we can celebrate our joys, our love, our connection with everything and everyone just as much. I love to talk about it all depending on what I feel called to that day.