Bourbon Street & ‘Mania Tailgate

Well, damn I don't know how anyone got any sleep the night before WrestleMania. The streets were woopin' and hollaring all night! Nevertheless, we woke up just in time for Adam to recover and he went off to his second Something To Wrestle With live show, excuse me Something to Waffle With (they had brunch … Continue reading Bourbon Street & ‘Mania Tailgate

New Orleans On the Eve of WrestleMania

Hello, hello, hello! I'm alive and well again. Bourbon Street got Adam and I REAL sick when we got back. I think it was a factor of packing really light jackets and it was raining the night before WrestleMania. My mom even told me: "prepare for anything!" in terms of weather. Could be the humid … Continue reading New Orleans On the Eve of WrestleMania